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Here's a sampling of the artwork for the game. Click on a thumbnail to view the picture.

Cover Going Out of Business Edgar Allen Ravenspoe Lillianne St. James Droo Macfarlane Nikki Robinson Larry Andrews
Cameron Johansen Ana Bradley Pierce Worthington III Brock Thompson Summer Johansen Victoria Prescott Brandi, Mandi, Candi, & Claire
Dave of the Dead Chainsaw Dave Wes Andrews Amanda Hatori Burnout Mac Malone Maureen Rosenberg
Officer Yvonne Jackson Father James MacDermott Laura Robinson The World of Insufficient Light Mitzy Vlad Weird Ernie
Janelle Pauline Pete Bianca Selena Nina Ann Ravenspoe Charlotte
Dylan The Beguiling Witch The Charming Count The Driven Vigilante The Enigmatic Mystic The Femme Fatale The Good Doctor
The Great Detective The Intrepid Explorer The Ladies' Man The Mad Monk

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